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Ally's Story

allypostpic3The Lord has always been apart of my life in some way, shape, or form. I grew up in a Bible believing and Christ loving family, and God has blessed me mightily through this. I have always known that God exists, but it wasn't until I was seventeen that I began to walk with the Lord, and realize that it was a personal relationship that He was seeking with me. (I have to be honest though, I still have a hard time believing that He, the ruler of the universe, wants a deep and intimate relationship with me.) As I have been walking with the Lord, I believe that He has called me to become a global missionary. I have dreamed of traveling my whole life, and I have always wanted to experience God’s creation and His people throughout the world. There are no coincidences and I believe that God uses our dreams for His glory; and I firmly believe that He is using my dreams to fulfill the Great Commission. The more I take steps of faith in becoming a missionary, the more the doors open for it to happen. I had the privilege of going to the nation of India on a two week missions trip. The Lord worked in wonderful ways in the hearts of my team, the people we came across, and myself. It was that trip that made me realize that if my job could be to hug children who have been forgotten or left for dead, listen to the needs and testimonies of widows, and speak into the lives of those that the world forfeits, and most importantly proclaim the love that Christ has for all, then my life will be complete. The Lord appears to be affirming my desire to become a missionary, and I will continue to seek His will above all else. If I could encourage you in one short phrase, it would be this: Seek the Lord and persevere with all your might. The victory has already been won in Christ, we are called to live in victory!