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GGC Drive-In Church

Two saints have requested that GGC hold Drive-In Church services on Sunday morning. As such, the elders have investigated the possibility of having Drive-In Church services.

Drive-In Church services consist of cars driving to the GGC campus and parking in the parking lot at a designated time for the service to begin and they can watch it live from the comfort of their own cars.

For those who cannot make it out to Drive-In Church services, the same message being LiveStreamed to the GGC parking lot will also continue to be streamed from YouTube.

Everyone from the comfort of their vehicle or their home can be watching GGC Church services on Sunday morning.

Drive-In Church services require permission from the Town of Somerset.

After more than two days of effort spread over multiple days, consisting of telephone calls and, in multiple cases lengthy telephone conversations, to the Somerset Town Administrator's office, the Governor's office, and Somerset Board of Health, permission was finally granted for GGC to hold Drive-In Church services, subject to the following guidelines from the Town of Somerset.

Four individuals also performed research into the legal and the technological aspects of providing LiveStreaming for Drive-In Church services.

The following is a brief summary of the outcome of the phone conversations and the research performed in the hopes of accomodating those individuals who would like to have Drive-In Church services.


Grace Gospel Church FCC and Somerset Town Regulations for Proposed Drive in Church and Proposal for Live Streaming—5/13/2020

1. FM transmitter for FM transmission to radios in cars has to be 200 feet (in every direction) away from any powerline. Any violation will be $10K or $75K depending on determination whether use of device in violation was accidental or because of negligence. We will not have that distance. (FCC Rules)

2. We have not found an acceptable, available device to broadcast a signal that is FCC approved even if we could use one (which we cannot do because of #1). 

3. The Town of Somerset has informed us that we may not broadcast the message in the parking lot through a loud speaker system.

4. Because of 1-3 we are looking into live streaming where parking lot attendees will access worship and messages held inside the Chapel through personal mobile devices, such as a cell phone or tablet that is connected to the internet via their normal Mobile Data link. It is unknown if the cellular carriers' mobile data link can support the bandwidth required if many vehicles are simultaneously accesses the Mobile Data capability of the nearest cellular tower. Additionally, this LiveStreaming may consume a significant portion of a person's monthly mobile data if they do not have unlimited mobile data. This will need to be determined by trial and error. Also, additional electronic hardware and computer software, which GGC does not currently own or license, is required to accomplish LiveStreaming. The availability and cost of this hardware and software is being investigated. The hardware can be continued to be used even after social distancing ends and things return to normal. The software will likely require annual licensing fees, even if LiveStreaming was not utilized after the end of social distancing.

5. If live streaming can be accomplished, attendees absolutely must stay in cars with windows fully up and doors shut. This means that from the time any vehicle enters the GGC parking lot until it drives out of the GGC parking lot, no doors may be opened, no windows opened—even 'cracked' just a bit, and no one is allowed to leave their vehicle for any reason whatsoever. The town hinted that any violations will result in immediate “shut down” of the service and denial of continued Drive-In Church services. We believe according to communications the town will be actively monitoring us for compliance, before, during, and after each Drive-In Church service. (Somerset Board of Health regulation).

6. No restroom facilities are allowed to be used by attendees (Somerset Board of Health regulation).