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Letter from the Elders 5-8-20

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Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.                                                                                                   Hebrews 11:1

 Our faith is in Jesus Christ and His shelter when tests, trials or persecution enter our lives.  This is a faith of substance; it is based upon dependable, sure promises from the Creator Who cannot lie.  It holds the substance of actual truth from the only One true God Who upholds and controls all things. 

 The evidence of our faith is overwhelming.  It is displayed in every story penned in the Bible, and reflected every time God reaches down into our day-to-day lives and delivers us from drifting, or guides us in His way.  We know and trust the historical realities of God’s work in the world; is it so hard to believe that He also quietly works in our lives as well? 

 The present state of the world is intimidating to our small reach.  But, God’s reach is not small, and His ears are not blocked (Isaiah 59:1) – He hears our prayers and touches our lives every day with comfort and assurance of His care, written in His Word and inscribed on our souls through His Holy Spirit.  Live in this reality and the troubles in this world will be set in their proper place – needing to be dealt with, but not something to fear.

 In the not too distant future we will be meeting as a church again, and these days of separation will be a memory; historical accounts to be recorded.  When we look back on them and reflect on the impact they have had, let’s be careful not to exclude the many ways God has worked in the midst of all this.  These experiences need to be added to our evidence of the things we’ve brought to God in prayer and He has answered; they need to be stones added into the walls of our faith in Jesus Christ to strengthen and solidify our trust in His promises.


God bless you,

GGC Elders and Staff