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Letter from the Elders 7-10-20

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Hello Church! 

We’ve been very blessed our first month back to in-person services through June.  Many have been coming out on Sunday mornings, and we’ve even had some new visitors.  God has been pouring out His Spirit to all who have been able to attend!  Understandably, not everyone has been to services in the chapel, but are hopefully able to watch or listen to the services consistently throughout this pandemic. 

Now, we’re taking our next step and opening up the first children’s Sunday School classes.  Beginning this Sunday, July 12, we will have classes for ages 3 through 7.  We know that the concern about the Covid-19 virus being spread continues, and our staff will wear face masks, be conscientious about children not touching one another as much as possible and will have their temperatures taken to ensure we’re doing all we can to keep everyone safe.  As the state mandate requires, children up to age 5 are not required to wear face masks, their parents can chose for them to wear one or opt not to; however children over the age of 5 are required to wear face masks in public, so we will, of course, follow that mandate for the children in our Sunday school.  The classes may look a little different, but will include singing and a Bible lesson. 

We’re confident that we’re doing all we can to move forward safely, and we hope to see you all back at service as soon as you are comfortable doing so.  If you have any questions, or would like to speak to someone, please do not hesitate to contact the church office by email at ggcoffice@aol.com, or phone the office at 508-675-7844.

As always, God continues to bring light into the darkness through the truth of His gospel, and we stand in awe of His work through our broken, surrendered lives.


God bless you all,

GGC Elders