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Letter from the Elders 4-7-20


 Greetings Church!

As we go through this week leading up to the holy observation of Easter, it’s a perfect time to reflect on all that God has done for us through the life, death and resurrection of his beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  The true depth of the meaning of Christ’s sacrifice is revealed in our hearts and minds as we delve deeper and deeper into the Scriptures, which reveal the mind of Christ to our finite minds.  Reading through Christ’s path to the Cross in Matthew’s Gospel, chapters 26 through 28 is a great place to start. Reflect on the power that constrained Him to remain faithful to His Father’s will and the love that gave Him the desire to give His life to rescue His beloved children.  As we absorb His incredible strength and humility, may our appreciation deepen for all He has delivered us from - throughout eternity we will be learning the value of His selfless life.

This Friday Thaddeus Weaver will bring us a Good Friday message, which will be posted on our web page and Facebook page, and on Sunday Pastor Gilson DaSilva will bring us an Easter message entitled, “Remember Jesus Christ” from 2 Timothy 2:8.  Even though we cannot enjoy these messages together inside the walls of our own church, we can still be united in spirit while hearing them, so we encourage everyone to continue to be consistent to hearing the Word of God taught from our church’s preachers. This year’s recognition of Easter will be distinctively different from any other year’s celebration, but it doesn’t have to be a disappointment, it can be a personal revival of faith in spite of the constraints we are facing.

We won’t falter in our commitment to be a church that brings the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community, and shares God’s love through practical means for those who need assistance.  We’re developing regular prayer groups through online apps, continuing to reach our church with phone, text and email messaging, providing food assistance to families effected the hardest by work layoffs, including offering free bakery items, donated by Stop & Shop in Somerset, every Sunday morning from 10 am to noon to anyone who comes by.

Please contact us if you have an idea to share or need our assistance in any way – we continue to minister to the saints and build on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ.


God bless you all,

GGC Elders and Staff