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Chariots of Grace

The Chariots of Grace Ministry runs a bus service into Fall River MA every Sunday providing transportation for adults and children to Grace Gospel Church Sunday Morning Service and Sunday school and additionally provides support and discipleship to families in the communities served. 
The bus departs @ 8:15am every Sunday from the Fisher Bus Company lot located at 586 County Street in Somerset MA (across the street from the Somerset High School) with on-site parking located in the lot entrance at corner of County & Grandview Streets and typically returns by 2:30pm.


The Chariots of Grace PURPOSE statement:
  • Pursue the development of a spiritual life and to have an
  • Undying love for Jesus Christ. It is our mission to
  • Reach those within our ministry who don't know Christ with the Gospel. We are committed to
  • Preaching God's Word every Sunday so your children can be equipped to
  • Overcome the things of this world and to learn how to be a
  • Servant of all as well as to realize the value of
  • Eternal life in Jesus Christ. 


The Chariots of Grace is not just a bus ride, but an extension of the Church Ministry.  Therefore we as ambassadors of Christ must take every opportunity to share the love of Christ through a word in season, a prayer, a lesson, or a listening ear.  This may be the only chance we get to tell someone about what Jesus has done for us.  Always be in prayer that God will not only give you the opportunity to share your faith, but that you are sensitive to see the opportunity.


For more information, please contact the Church Office or 508-675-7844